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Village Green is incredibly lucky to have Elizabeth Goossen as a member, instructor, musician, mentor, composer, and devisor of dances. Instructions, music and videos for Liz’s dances are available online. Books and CDs can be purchased by contacting us.

A photograph of a field of daisies, with text reading "Daisies in the Wind Volume 7, Dancing with Friends, English Country Dance Music by Elizabeth Goossen, with The Flying Romanos"

English Country Dance Basics Video

This manual has been a labour of love for our instructors for many years. Its recent digitization means that we get to share it with you.

This resource is free to use (that’s how folk traditions work!), but please don’t reproduce it for mass distribution without our permission.

Here are other dance resources and dance organizations you may be interested in.

Other Resources

What is English Country Dancing?

Our Twin Club

Hawk Green Folk Dance Club, Cheshire, UK

Other Dance Organizations

Country Dance & Song Society

Manitoba International Folk Dance Association

Calgary Contra Dance

Lord Grey’s English Country Dancers, South Georgian Bay, ON

Ottawa English Country Dance Club

Peterborough English Country Dancers

Tapestry Folkdance Center, Minneapolis, MN

Toronto English Country Dancers

Vancouver English Country Dance

Victoria English Country Dance Society

Community Organizations

Harrow United Church

For information on Winnipeg’s Morris Men’s and Women’s dancing, please contact us.