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Open House

Our next Open House will be Wednesday, January 24, 7 – 9:30 pm.

What can I expect?
You’ll arrive at Harrow United Church just after 7pm, and be greeted at the door by one of our members who will give you a name tag and take down your contact information. There are benches to change into your clean shoes, and coat racks for jackets. At 7:15, the band will strike up a tune and the caller will call everybody to the dance floor. You will likely be asked to dance by one of our current members.
Each dance will be taught and walked through slowly before dancing to the wonderful music of the Fine Companions, our house band. This is a social dance form and we dance with many people during the evening.
We usually dance 8 to 10 dances, all beginner friendly.  The dances in an evening will give you a sampling of the variety of styles common in English dance.
If you prefer to sit out (to catch your breath, or see how the patterns work without also trying to dance them) there are benches and chairs in the hall.
Refreshments (tea and dainties) will be served partway through the evening while the band takes a break.  A costumed demonstration occurs during this time.
We will wrap things up by 9:30. You’ll be encouraged to return by many people!

The video below captures some of the energy you’ll encounter while English dancing.

Where are you located?
Our open houses and regular Wednesday classes are held at Harrow United Church on the corner of Mulvey and Harrow.  New dancers join the General Class which is on Wednesday evening from 8:15 to 9:30.

Is there a cost?
Open Houses are FREE and are the perfect place to see if English dancing is right for you.
If you decide that you love English dancing as much as we do, there is a cost for membership and the weekly classes. Learn more here.

I can’t make it to this open house. When is the next one?
We typically hold two open houses a year: one in the early fall, and another after the winter holidays. If you can’t make it to this one, we look forward to dancing with you next time!

What should I bring?
Bring yourself, a clean, non-marking pair of flat or low-heeled shoes, and a water bottle. Wear casual clothes you’ll feel comfortable moving in.

Do I need to bring a partner?
If you would be more comfortable coming with a friend, please do. The more the merrier. However, in this form of dance, we change partners frequently, so there’s no need to bring a dance partner. Our members are happy to help new dancers and dancing with someone who is experienced means you can relax and enjoy yourself.

What level of fitness do I need to have to participate?
This dance form requires moderate fitness. Mental and physical agility are essential components. 

I still have questions.
Please contact us! We’re very quick to respond.