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Criteria for Attendance at the Intermediate Class

  1. Dancers can switch from a 1 to a 2 without difficulty (except possibly the first time in the new role).  They can sort out what they need to do when their role changes.
  2. Dancers can adjust their dancing to fit the phrase of the music after dancing a figure 1 or 2 times.
  3. Dancers can execute common figures without review (or with minimal review if the dance has a more complex entry).  See the list below. 
  4. Dancers with physical limitations can recognize ways they need to modify a dance so that they can accomplish the figure within the phrase of the music.  If limitations mean that they cannot execute a given figure within the phrase of the music, then the dancer should sit and watch that dance. 
  5. Dancer willingly follows the suggestions/directions of the teacher.

Dancers need to have a good working knowledge of the following figures before joining the Intermediate Class (they will be the focus of the General Class):

  • Arming
  • Back-to-back (do-si-do)
  • Balance & swing
  • Balance forward & back or vice versa
  • Cast:  off/up
  • Chain:  Right diagonal (ladies’, contra style)
  • Change places:
    • by right/left shoulder
    • join right/left hands, balance forward & back, then pass lady under
    • followed by loop away
  • Circle (hands 4, 6, 8)
    • Once round
    • ½ way
    • balance in/out, moving on one place
    • Ring (4,6,8) once round / ½ round
  • Cross & cast
  • Dance down centre:
    • then back to original/progressed place
    • then back, followed by cast to progressed place
    • turn as a couple; then dance up
  • Fall back-a-double & dance forward-a-double or vice versa (i.e., towards centre & back)
  • Figure 8:  ½ / full
  • Gate
  • Heys:
    • Circular hey for 4 dancers (2 or 4 changes)
    • Circular hey for 6 or more dancers (grand chain)
    • Straight hey for 4 dancers
    • Rights & Lefts (English / contra styles)
  • Rhapsody
  • Orbit
  • Poussette:  ½ / full 
  • Promenade
  • Setting:
    • in place or advancing
    • followed by cast off
    • followed by turn single
  • Siding:  gentle / full (Cecil Sharp)
  • Star (hands across) right or left
    • ½ round
    • Once round
  • Turn single
  • Turns – 1 hand turn: 
    • Once round
    • ½ round
    • 1 ½ round

Up a double & back

Updated July 2023

If you’d like to refresh your memory on some of these figures, download our dance manual PDF or watch our helpful video on English Country Dance Basics.