The Challenge Class is for experienced dancers who enjoy learning, who want to develop a greater sense of style, and who are interested in the more technical aspects of English Country Dance.

Attendance Criteria

Attendance at the Challenge class is made on the basis of self-selection.  Every year, the teachers ask that members who would like to attend this class reflect on the following criteria.


Feel comfortable and confident dancing a straightforward dance (3 or 4 basic figures) with only a talk through or one walk through?  (ie don’t need to walk such a dance through from each position).

Enjoy working on the technical aspects of a dance (phrasing, handing, covering, dynamic of dance, awareness of others in the set).

Feel confident dancing an intricate, complex dance after working through it from each position and are you able to recall such a dance in a subsequent class after a briefing.

Hear the music and are you able to move in a manner which suits the music.

Have a desire to grow in your dancing; to be a better dancer.

If you have answered YES to the above questions, then you are ready for the Challenge Class.

If you have questions about Challenge Class,
please call Jeannie at (204) 269-6012


Where & When

Please visit Calendar page for full details.