At the Village Green English Country Dancing Club, we offer 2 levels of instruction:

Partners are ideal but not required to join our dancing club as we dance in non-gendered sets.

Weekly classes meet Wednesday evenings upstairs at the Harrow United Church, 955 Mulvey Ave in Winnipeg Manitoba.

Class instruction is shared by our gifted instructors who impart their enthusiasm and expertise. Some of our instructors have written dances and music that we enjoy learning and sharing with other ECD organizations!

Dances range from novice to expert, lively to elegant, historical to modern. Think of Jane Austen or Renaissance and medieval times!

What You Need:

  • Comfortable, layered clothes
  • Comfortable shoes with non-marking, flat soles to dance on a wood floor.

Click here to read more about our Regular Class.

Click here to read more about our Challenge Class.

Click here to read more about the current Focus Dances.

Special Offer!

Come to an Open House evening, absolutely FREE!

Opportunities to participate and observe dance demonstrations with live music.

No Obligation, we want you to give English Country Dancing a try.

See the Open House dates on our Calendar page.


If you have any questions or comments, please contact us. We love to hear from you!

Our Instructors

We have a wonderful group of dedicated instructors who have been with Village Green for a number of […]

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