General Info


Weekly classes take place Wednesday evenings from 7:15 to 9:30 pm upstairs at the Harrow United Church, 955 Mulvey Ave in Winnipeg Manitoba. Beginners are always welcome.

Class teaching is shared by our gifted instructors who impart their enthusiasm and expertise. Some of our instructors have written dances and music that we enjoy learning and sharing with other ECD organizations!

Dances range from novice to expert, lively to elegant, historical to modern. Think of Jane Austen or Medieval / Renaissance eras!

For complete information, please click here for more information regarding regular classes.

Dancing Tips and Manners

Rule #1:  Smile a lot. You are here to have fun.

Rule #2:  New movements, steps, and terminology will be thoroughly explained and demonstrated in class. Don’t worry if they sound complicated right now. Our teachers will explain the rules and other technical stuff in class!

Rule #3:  If you don’t get it, ASK!  Our instructors welcome all questions. Chances are that others don’t get it either and you are doing them a favor!

Rule #4:  See Rule #1. Its all about learning in a fun and safe environment!


The Town Crier is published every few months during the dance year. The newsletter is a good source of information about upcoming events, dance instructions, and general interest articles. The Town Crier is available on the Newsletter page.

Dances & Special Events

We hold several dances and other special events throughout the year. Live music is provided by The Fine Companions, the Village Green house band. Read more about The Fine Companions.

The end of the year is celebrated with either a Ball or a weekend workshop. The workshops are an opportunity to meet guest teachers who have extensive expertise in a variety of folk dancing styles.

Check the Town Crier and the Calendar page for specific details about dates, themes, special attire, etc.

Fees / Registration

All fee information is available on the Fee page. Our Registration form is available on the Registration page.


Our dance club is twinned with the Hawk Green Folk Dance Club in Cheshire, England. Check them out!

AGM / Executive

Check out the About Us page for detailed information regarding the AGM.